#WeAreInternational Film

We spoke to a range of students and academics from all over the world about their experiences of studying, working and living in the UK. From those conversations, we have produced a short film that highlights the value of internationalism across our universities and demonstrates why we are proud to join together to say #WeAreInternational.

You can share the full film via the #WeAreInternational Twitter post:

The film is also available on the #WeAreInternational YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/dDKA-EeSbCY

The film is available for everyone in MP4 via Google Drive.

The Drive folder includes a full version, a subtitled version of the film, a 30-second teaser trailer and other assets.

Please use it across your digital and social media accounts however you find suitable.

Digital Toolkit

The new #WeAreInternational Digital Toolkit helps our supporters show their commitment to the UK remaining a welcoming home of global scholarship

You can download the toolkit via Google Drive here

You can also show your support for #WeAreInternational by including the hashtag #WeAreInternational in your social media communications.

Campaign Guidelines

You can download the #WeAreInternational Campaign Guidelines here 

Use of the We Are International logo, artwork and all associated assets (physical and digital) is permitted on the understanding that they will not be used for commercial purposes of any kind.