#StandByMe | A Selfie Project

Friendship, camaraderie and love transcend nationality. #StandByMe demonstrates the tremendous number of international friendships within UK universities, and beyond, through the medium of the selfie.

In 2014 we asked people to send us a selfie with an international friend, along with a short explanation about how they became friends. Hover over or click on the photos below to read stories about the international friendships and relationships of people studying in the UK.

Sean (Malaysia) and Samya (UK)

Raushan (Kazakhstan) and Margarita (Lithuania)

Siung (Malaysia) and Simon (England)

Adam (UK) and Jason (Taiwan)

Ron (UK) & Farzad (Iran)

Toby (UK), Nam (Vietnam), Rosemary (UK) and Adam (UK)

Ana (Mexico/Spain) and Richard (UK)

Alison (UK) and Shannon (Singapore)

Sara (British/Canadian) and Hazel (Hong Kong)

Alex Kohnert (Netherlands) & Professor Sir Keith Burnett (UK)

Paul Blomfield MP (UK) & Jing Li (China)

Robert (UK) and Merna (Canadian-Egyptian)