UK visa application from China

We launched a pioneering film project at the House of Commons to help the most talented students from across the globe better understand how to apply to study at the UK’s leading universities. The film gives an unprecedented insight into the Visa application process and for the first time cameras go behind the scenes at the UK Visa Application Centre in Beijing – where we capture a unique glimpse of how young people in China who wish to study in the UK go through the visa process and go on to become a student in the UK.

Encouraging talented Indian students to study in the UK

Over 70 years after International Students Day was first marked in London by the International Students Council, UK universities are today launching a new film aimed at helping the most talented Indian students better understand the process of applying to the UK’s world-leading universities.

The project is a unique collaboration between UK universities, the British Council in Delhi and the Home Office to follow current students as they embark on their journey to study in the UK.