We are deeply proud of our international university communities and what we gain from our diverse student and staff population is immeasurable. Scholars from across the continent and the world enhance our academic life, knowledge and our economic growth. They are central to the teaching of students and research in everything from medicine and science to engineering, social sciences and the arts and humanities

We are committed to ensuring our universities remain diverse, inclusive communities of international scholarships open to students and staff from across the world.

We will continue to ensure our research knows no geographical boundaries and our students and staff from around the world are able to celebrate their own cultures and friendships.

Our commitment to the UK remaining a welcoming home of global scholarship, which provides a superb education to the most talented people from around the world remains firm.


Our new film celebrates the importance of internationalism in UK universities. We’ve spoken to contributors from all over the world who are all proud to say #WeAreInternational.

#WeAreInternational | Digital Toolkit

The new #WeAreInternational Digital Toolkit helps our supporters show their commitment to the UK remaining a welcoming home of global scholarship.

You can download the toolkit via Google Drive here

News: Joint statement from founders of #WeAreInternational

As the founders of the #WeAreInternational campaign now supported by over 100 universities and the National Union of Students, we are deeply opposed to actions in any part of the world which inhibit the ability of students and academics to pursue their studies based on their religion or place of birth.

Our campaign was founded in the spirit of treasuring universities as places of international exchange and mutual respect. Although we celebrate the contribution international students and staff make to the UK, this ethos goes far beyond our own interests. As such we stand in solidarity with other campaigns of welcome across the world such as our U.S. sister campaign #YouAreWelcomeHere.

We call on our own government to reflect the importance of the mobility of international scholars in words and deeds, and to use its influence to encourage others to do the same.

Professor Sir Keith Burnett
President and Vice-Chancellor, The University of Sheffield and co-founder of #WeAreInternational

Abdi Aziz-Suleiman
President of The University of Sheffield Students’ Union (2012-13) and co-founder of #WeAreInternational

Dominic Trendall
President of The University of Sheffield Students’ Union

Ana Popa
International Officer of The University of Sheffield Students’ Union

Article: International students have no place in net migration figures

Evidence for the harm done by including students in net migration figures is clear, says Huw Owen from the University of Leeds in Times Higher Education

Read the article here: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/blog/international-students-have-no-place-net-migration-figures

Blog: Brexit is no reason to retreat from internationalism

Abdi-Aziz Suleiman, former president of the University of Sheffield Students’ Union, has written for the UKCISA website about the #WeAreInternational campaign and the key role of staff working in the education sector to ensure that students coming to the UK have the best possible experience and that they feel welcome.

Read Abdi’s blog here: http://www.ukcisa.org.uk/blog/6074/We-are-still-international

Universities UK: Statement on the EU referendum result

Dame Julia Goodfellow, President of Universities UK said:

‘Leaving the EU will create significant challenges for universities. Although this is not an outcome that we wished or campaigned for, we respect the decision of the UK electorate. We should remember that leaving the EU will not happen overnight – there will be a gradual exit process with significant opportunities to seek assurances and influence future policy.

‘Throughout the transition period our focus will be on securing support that allows our universities to continue to be global in their outlook, internationally networked and an attractive destination for talented people from across Europe. These features are central to ensuring that British universities continue to be the best in the world.

‘Our first priority will be to convince the UK Government to take steps to ensure that staff and students from EU countries can continue to work and study at British universities in the long term, and to promote the UK as a welcoming destination for the brightest and best minds. They make a powerful contribution to university research and teaching and have a positive impact on the British economy and society. We will also prioritise securing opportunities for our researchers and students to access vital pan-European programmes and build new global networks.’